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Wrote For Luck - Musical Intersections And Ancient Greek Gods


APOLLO - the most revered of all ancient Greek and Roman gods - Master of music, poetry, art and healing

JUNCTION - a place where things come together


When you put the meaning of those two words together, I don't think I can think of a more fitting name for one the most exciting new bands of recent years, Apollo Junction - a band that really are becoming masters of their craft and bringing their own brand of beautiful musical stylings to our ears.


Exploding onto the scene in 2018, Apollo Junction are a hugely talented five piece indie electro rock n roll outfit hailing from Leeds, comprising of lead singer Jamie Williamson, lead guitarist Matt Wilson, bassist Ben Hope, drummer Johnathon Thornton and keys player Sam Potter.


With a clutch of fantastic singles and their incredible debut album, 'Mystery', under their belts and a new album on the way, the band have very quickly attracted a cult following. This has already seen them supporting legendary indie stalwarts Shed Seven, Cast and James and seen them draw high praise from new music guru Steve Lamacq, as well as gain national airplay on the radio and feature on Match of the Day and Football Focus


And with the momentum that these lads are building it certainly won't be long before they are headlining and selling out their own shows….and creating their own musical legacy.


Professionally fusing together bold electronic sounds with good old fashioned guitar driven indie rock n roll in a manner that is so accomplished that it defies the age of the band, the lads create chorus driven, massively anthemic songs that you can't help but want to sing along too. The precision in the composition of their songs and the manner in which they are delivered is testament to the talent and ability of each and every member of the band.


But, what makes Apollo Junction even more likeable is the relationship and interaction that they have with their fans. With absolutely no agenda and a genuine humbleness, they involve their fans in everything they do…so much so that it actually feels like we are all in this together….that this journey is all of ours.

 And in an industry that can at times be full of inflated ego, it is hugely refreshing to see a band take the time to acknowledge their fan base in such consistent and affectionate manner. You only have to look at their interactions in the Twittersphere to see what a genuine bunch of people these lads are.


With all this in mind, it is my absolute pleasure to review the lads' new incoming single, 'When We Grow Up' which is released on 30th July….and I have to say, it's my favourite track by the band so far.


Have you ever had that feeling when you listen to a song for that first time and it's that good, you can never remember not hearing it….? It takes a special talent to create a song like that, but it is something that I believe Apollo Junction have done with ease on this track. It is an absolute belter.


Taking it up a level from their previous single 'Light Up The Sky', they have created yet another gloriously anthemic song that you can already imagine the band blasting out on stage and every single person in the crowd singing it back to them. I have a feeling that this one will become a fan favourite and a future staple of their live sets, it really is that good.


The accompanying music video, which is made up from clips sent in by fans, is also a really nice touch, showing once again the connection the band has with their fans and how much they value their support.


It’s a huge song with an epic sound and it just feels so completely uplifting and timeless in its delivery, evoking a sense of true hope and wistful nostalgia. The infinitely catchy and harmonious melody created by the band beautifully encapsulates Jamie Williamson's tremendous vocal performance..... It is a proper banger of a tune and it marks yet another step forward in the bands musical development. The greatest compliment I can give this song is that once it has finished, you just want to listen to it all over again. It's yet another fantastic effort from a band that are so consistently good that it can only be a matter of time before they achieve the success that they deserve.


Apollo Junction really are a band on the rise




When We Grow Up is out on 30/07/2021

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