Wrote For Luck – It’s only rock n roll, but I like it – Fleet footed, feelgood tuneage from Leicester’s future indie superstars


Hey up loyal readers, hope this finds you well. Tony The Cat here with another instalment of Wrote For Luck, a weekly round up of the best new bands and artists around.


This week, we have working class Leicester based indie pop quartet and all-round top geezers, Gazelle. Formed in 2017, Gazelle comprises of Ryan Dunn (vocals/guitar), Ben Gooch (guitar), Richard Sorbi (bass) and Danny Wright (drums). With five singles and a four track EP already under their belt, this band really are gaining momentum, achieving recognition through radio airplay on Radio X and featuring on Soccer A.M and steadily acquiring a loyal following of fans. The band have also received lofty acclaim from British acting royalty and screen legend, Stephen Graham. Graham reached out to the band after hearing their music and offered to appear in the music video for bands 2018 single, ‘Finger on The Trigger’. It is safe to say the future is bright for this talented bunch and commercial success surely can only be around the corner.


Since the band’s debut single, ‘Where Nothing Ever Happens’ in 2017, a foot stomping, unsentimental take on trying to escape a dead-end town, the band have been busy recording and releasing a string of euphonious indie pop songs.


2018 saw the release of the aforementioned ‘Finger On The Trigger’, a song lamenting the daily grind of life in a society going to shit. I don’t know whether these lads could see into the future, but this track sounds almost prophetic now when considered in relation to the current state of this country. It’s another ear friendly tune peppered with subtle but catchy guitar hooks and incredibly harmonious vocals by Ryan Dunn.  If it’s good enough for Stephen Graham, it’s certainly good enough for me.


The band then released their debut EP in May 2019, the eponymous ‘Young Blood’, which marked a real sense of a band not only finding their feet both musically and lyrically, but also honing their sights on creating their own unique signature sound. Across the four tracks, which includes 2018’s ‘Finger On The Trigger’, you get the impression that there was a growing confidence within the band, and this really comes across throughout the EP, particularly on ‘Diamond High’, a genuinely emotive and passionate song that has a feel of some early Shed Seven numbers. This track is so competently written and arranged you really would think they had been making music all their lives.  If you haven’t heard this EP, go and stick it on, it really is a belter.


The EP was followed up by the bands next single, ‘Have You Found Forever Now’. A head bobbing, gloriously old school guitar anthem about a relationship worth fighting for.


After a brief hiatus during the various lockdowns, the band returned in March 2022 with the funky and uplifting Magic Carpet Ride, a fun, feel good tune of epic proportions. One of the things I love most about the songs Gazelle make, is that they are infinitely relatable. Their songs provide a social commentary for the working classes, perfectly encapsulating the everyday challenges of normal folk in this adventure we call life.


And so we come to the bands latest release, ‘Clementine’…a song that has a real sound of the summer feel to it. Bright jangly guitars open the track giving a classic 60’s feel to it, with a modern edge.  Ridiculously catchy guitar rhythms and a well-arranged bass line and drumbeat provide the beautiful backdrop and heartbeat to the song…Dunn’s vocals are on a different level on this track, I would say it’s the best I’ve heard him sound so far. His voice has a perpetually likeable and engaging quality to it that you can’t help but be drawn in. There is a real sense of optimism contained within the lyrics to this song that it’s impossible not to feel positive and upbeat when you are listening to it. It really is an incredible tune from a band that just get better and better.  


If ever there was a band that already feel like the finished article, with commercial appeal and songs that people will want to forever bounce around too, then it is Gazelle. They are definite stars in the making and I for one can’t wait to see just how far these lads can go. Another job well done fellas!


Clementine is out on 29/07/22, but you can check out the music video now on the YouTube link below.


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Much Love


T.O x

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