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Who are Citylightz…?


Well, If you know you know….and if you don't, you friggin' should do!


Hailing from the West Midlands, this five piece indie outfit are one of the most talented and hard-working bands out there, bringing a genre defying hybrid of alternative Indie rock'n'roll, rap and ska to their music which makes them impossible to pigeonhole.


Their unique fusion of guitar driven anthemic rock tunes and thought provoking urban lyrics, coupled with their dynamic stage presence, is what sets them apart from many of their contemporaries currently out there and what makes them stand out from the crowd


Comprising of Matthew 'B' Barnett (vocals), Luke Henry (vocals, guitar), Adam Bolger (guitar), James Skidmore (bass) and Tom Churm (drums), let me tell you, these lads know how to put on a fucking show! It's clear when you watch the lads up there on stage that they absolutely love doing what they are doing and it shines through in their music and the interactions they have with each other and the audience. The music is at times incendiary, the bantering infectious and they have a presence that engages each and every single person in the crowd. And to top it off, they are just top lads too.


In anticipation of the soon to be released concluding EP to their Rock n Road trilogy , I have had the pleasure of getting a sneak preview of their latest single 'Take, Take, Take'……And I have to say, it's a friggin' belter….probably my favourite track by the lads so far.


A balls out, effortlessly cool track, it hooks you in from the moment the slick, stylish guitar riff kicks in. The song builds with every passing beat; the raucous, punchy drums interweaved with a thundering bass line that drives the song along at a rate of knots. Barnett and Henry's vocal stylings bounce off each other with increasing intensity before the whole song erupts into a blistering crescendo of all out indie rock.


There is no disputing that this an absolutely friggin' class track. There is a maturity musically and lyrically to this song that shows just how far these guys have come in a relatively short space of time. The band sound tighter than they have done before, everything coming together with extreme precision and the balance between Barnett and Henry's vocals is the best I've heard it. Citylightz are band that have truly found their feet. And if this track is anything to go by, then the new EP is going to be fucking incredible.



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