Listen Up's Tony - reviews a new track


Silence is Golden


Life has been an unrivalled shit show over the past couple of years with the pandemic and the various lockdowns….and it has been an uphill struggle for so many of us mentally and emotionally.


But there is one very big positive that has come out of this tumultuous period of our lives….and that is the emergence of an abundance of seriously talented new bands and artists, bringing with them some spectacular music.


It used to be that only once every so often that a band would come along with an unbridled potential to go on to great things, but it is this writer's opinion that the new music scene right now is literally buzzing with so many incredible bands and artists, with so much raw talent and promise to go on to bigger and better things, that we really are spoiled for choice.


To be able to stand out in this crowd of super-talented new bands and artists takes something very special indeed….but that is exactly what Glasgow's own alt indie rockers, Arcade State are doing.


Originally formed during the first lockdown in 2019, Arcade State are a Ciaran Murray (vocals/guitar), Andy Arthur (guitar), Scott Frank (keys/vocals), David Daly (bass) and Jordan Murray (drums). Five hugely gifted lads making beautifully anthemic, chorus driven songs that are at once massive sounding and deeply personal and affecting in their delivery. These lads sing and play from the heart and it shows in their music.


Since their formation, the lads have been very busy recording and releasing several singles starting with their stunning 2019 debut track, the emotionally charged, Alone Again. That song alone was a clear showcase of their ability to create heartfelt, infinitely relatable songs. Since then the lads have gone from strength to strength, growing musically with every subsequent single and gaining an ever increasing fanbase.


I have been given the privilege of reviewing the band's latest upcoming single, Silence. And readers, I sincerely mean this, this is one of the most exquisite, soul-stirringly poignant songs I have heard this year. The maturity and emotional resonance in the lyrics to this song are almost tangible, competently delivered by a powerfully evocative vocal performance from Ciaran and Scott.

The musicianship on this song is truly first class too....rousing guitars, a perfectly judged building drum beat, beautifully crafted keyboard melodies, and a vitally important but purposefully subdued bass line that holds the song together. It really isn’t hard to envision this song being played in arenas very soon.

The subject of the song has never been more relevant either. It tackles the idea that no matter how close we are to someone, we never really know what is going on in their head. Whilst there is a true sadness in this song, there is also a real sense of hope...hope that we can change things before it is too late. It is a triumph of a song and marks another step forward for this special band. Well done fellas!


Silence is out on 10th December....be sure to check it out.