Listen Up's Tony - reviews a new track


Wrote For Luck - The Opulent Electronic Ambience of the Glacial Mint Variety


The thing I love most about being part of the Listen Up Collective is the interaction and communication I get to have with a wide variety of bands and artists bringing beautiful new music to my ears. And the most rewarding part of that relationship, is then watching that band or artist grow and gain the exposure they so desperately deserve.


And no-one is more deserving of that exposure than Twitter legend and dear friend of Listen Up, Sean Buckley (A.K.A Mintball). Hailing from Salford and now living in Shropshire, Sean has had an almost lifelong love of electro music, plying his wares as a DJ, before becoming involved in the management of a number of bands and now finally creating his own beautiful brand of melodic electronic music.


Sean's output has been phenomenal over the past couple of years, releasing three fantastic albums, Mintball, Mintball, Too and Mintball, The Third in 2020. Drawing influences from number of artists such as New Order, Aphex Twin and The Orb and interestingly, from classical musicians such as Beethoven, Bach and Brahms, Sean has managed to stamp his own unique signature spin on the music he creates, cleverly rendering layers of sound in ways that are at once uplifting, emotive and incredibly pleasant on the ear.


More recently, Sean has been looking for a voice to put to his music to take it to that next level. And boy has it fucking worked! Sean's first collaboration was with Paris based 'geezer' and star in the making, Lewca with 'I'm Alright'. A Streets-esque, upbeat, feel-good anthem, with a funky, searing backing track from Sean, the song told the almost humorous tale of a guy struggling to cope with life. It is a fucking tremendous tune and the accompanying music video is an absolute belter too. If you haven't already, then go and check it out.


Sean's latest collaboration single is called 'Pull' and features the uber-talented singer-songwriter, Chris James Willows, who splits his time as a solo artist and as one half of alternative electronic outfit Masters Of War


I have been fortunate enough to get a cheeky listen in before its official release on 23rd July, and I can honestly say that it is a phenomenal tune, demonstrating Sean's musical versatility and ability to create completely different sounds and melodies.


The track springs into life with an almost haunting musical arrangement by Sean, overlaid with an effortless and beautifully forlorn vocal performance from Chris James Willows. A subtle but driving bass line becomes intricately layered with the tingle of piano keys, chimes and a rhythmic drum beat, creating a grandiose, almost cinematic feel to the entire song. Honestly, this song wouldn't be out of place on something like Stranger Things… or dare I say it, even a James Bond movie!


Chris James Willows brilliant falsetto voice is something else on this track too, giving it an emotional depth that resonates with the listener and keeps you completely hooked for the duration of the song…and which perfectly complements the hypnotic beat of Sean's music. This really is a fantastic track from two very talented individuals. A job well and truly well done.


'Pull' is released on 23rd July. Make sure you check it out.