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Viva the New Musical Revolution!!

For many of us, the Coronavirus pandemic meant that life just stopped and the things we took for granted, even down to seeing family and friends, were taken away from us. It is quite possibly the bleakest time that many of us have ever faced.

But in the background of this desolation, something really magical has been happening... the renaissance of a new musical revolution. People fed up with sitting on their laurels and waiting to ride out the storm, picked up instruments and microphones and found new ways to communicate and be creative, defiantly turning a negative situation into a positive one.

And none more so than Lossline... One of my favourite bands to emerge from the ashes of the pandemic.

Formed in 2020 during the first Lockdown, Lossline are Manchester based duo Jack Williamson and Adam Potts. What initially started out as something to pass the time during lockdown has quickly become something more. The lads began writing songs independently, sending song ideas back and forth to each other through email. And before they knew it, they had quickly generated enough material to record an album and subsequently attracted the attention of new music aficionado, actor Robert Carlyle.

Drawing influences from the likes of The National, Bright Eyes and Big Thief, the result is uniquely crafted, incredibly emotive, multi-layered songs with a depth and maturity to them that some bands spend their entire lives chasing without ever achieving. And these lads are just getting started!!

Their eponymous 2021 album debut, 'Fading Affect Bias' is an emotional rollercoaster of deeply affecting, beautifully written songs, complimented by hugely moving musical composition that remains with you long after the record has finished. It is a truly stunning album that really is a massive fuck you to the pandemic, showing that the only limitations to creative ability lie in yourself and not your situation. If you haven't heard the album, I implore you to check it out.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to have sneak peek of their latest single 'Emily', a song that gets better with every listen. Driven along by a polished, bouncy piano beat, rhythmic drums and a bright jangly guitar, this is a slight departure from the sound of their earlier songs. The tempo is more upbeat even if the tone remains ambivalent, the lyrics giving a feeling of unsentimental nostalgia...which is accentuated by an earthy, almost conversational vocal performance that denotes acceptance of being unable to escape a dead end town. It is a brilliant tune and one the lads should be rightly proud of. It takes true talent to create songs where music and lyrics combine to create a musical narrative capable of evoking emotions in you as you listen along....Something that Lossline seem to be able to do effortlessly. They truly are a band with untapped future potential and one that I am expecting big things from in the future.


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