Listen Up's Tony - reviews a new track



All aboard the banger bus


This week I take a sneak peek at the new single from Blackburn's finest rock n rollers, Anhedonia. For anyone who follows my music blog at Listen Up, you will already know the very high esteem in which I hold this band and the bright future I believe they have ahead of them.


So when the chance arose to review their latest upcoming single, 'I Won't Bleed', of course I jumped at the chance….and yet again, the lads have delivered another ear friendly, wonderfully crafted, little number.


The song opens with a pacey isolated up-tempo drum beat that is so infectious that you can't help but start tapping your fingers along to it, before a unison of bright, jangly guitars and a perfectly pitched bass line enter the equation with knowing precision. The bass line in particular is so well pitched that throughout the entire song you can almost feel it tickling the back of your brain. What follows from this point on is a beat driven, irresistibly melodic song, periodically interspersed with beautifully clean guitar hooks and an irrepressible joint vocal performance from Ben Kirton and Chris Hinnigan.


Hinnigan's wonderful reverb drenched vocals form the verses of the song and they blend perfectly with Kirton's snarling chorus, adding a depth to the internal monologue of the protagonist of the song. Kirton has an ability to convey feelings through his vocal performances and on this track you can feel a gutsy rejuvenation in the way he delivers his lyrics. Having listened to this song several dozen times now (cos' it really is that good), I find that I can't help myself from defiantly singing along loudly to the central chorus line, 'Cos' when your love is a knife… cut me and I won't bleed'.


I actually think this song is a bit of a companion piece to their previous single 'I need anaesthetic'. That song captured perfectly the tale of the seeming inability of the protagonist to cope with a broken heart after the breakdown of their relationship… and is a truly fantastic track. It really is an honest song that is relatable to anyone who has gone through a break up. If you haven't heard it, then I urge you to give it a go.


In my mind, 'I won't bleed' is the continuing story of this protagonist. Having gone through the depths of despair in the previous single, they seem to have come out of the other side, stronger and more resilient. And with this renewed sense of determination, having reflected on what was likely a toxic relationship, they have realised that they are better off without them.


It's a cracking song. The near four minute run time goes so fleetingly fast that you can't help but find yourself pressing play again. Another top effort by the boys from Blackburn.


I Won’t Bleed is released on 05/11/21