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Hey up loyal readers…. Tony The Cat here, the Listen Up Music Collective’s reviewer in chief, with another instalment of Wrote for Luck – a weekly review of the best new and exciting music around!

This week I have been lucky enough to get a sneaky exclusive listen to the new single ‘Do You Know’, by Warrington based indie rock n roller and all-round top fella, Paul Nixon.

For those of you unfamiliar with Paul Nixon, He has been plying his trade as solo artist around the North-West for a number of years, armed only with his guitar and a true Northern grit to succeed, perfecting his song writing skills and building a solid and ever increasing fanbase.  

With an eclectic array of influences on his music from the likes of Johnny Cash, The Beatles, and the Kinks to the likes of The Stones Roses, Oasis and The Verve, Nixon eventually released a number of songs in 2019 including the haunting and deliciously moody acoustic single ‘No Hero’ and the beautifully tender and heartfelt ‘Behind Your Eyes’.

2020 saw a more stylistically polished Paul Nixon emerge, whilst still managing to harness that earlier rawness, creating two more fantastic singles in the Verve-esque ‘Love Is A Flower’ and rocking guitar anthem ‘Coming To Get You’.

Maintaining this momentum, 2021 saw a further evolution in Nixon’s music with the release of sublime indie ballad ‘It’s Alright Now’, the melodious head-bobber ‘Pride Or Shame’ and the highly emotive and beautifully written ‘Through The Storm’. 

And so we come to 2022, in what will hopefully be a massive year for this extremely talented singer/songwriter. This year has seen Nixon recruit a band, with whom he has recorded his latest single ‘Do You Know’…and the result is astounding. Instrumentally solid and on point, with progressive, swirling guitar hooks and a blistering drum beat, the song quickly builds itself into a dizzying, stylish crescendo of all out rock’n’roll that makes you involuntarily want ‘air’ drum your desk.  Nixon’s distinctive, rasping vocals are a standout too, perfectly complimenting the overall searing energy of the song. There is an altogether new depth and gravity to his voice on this track that signifies a massive leap forward for someone who is truly finding his feet both musically and vocally. It’s a proper banger of an indie anthem showing once again the abundance of talent currently emerging from of the North of England.

Get your ears around it!

‘Do You Know’ is out on 03/06/22

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