Listen Up's Tony - reviews a new track


Hello folks, after a busy few months I’ve finally got round resuming my role as the Listen Up Collective reviewer in chief! And I have to say, it’s good to be back.


So, this week I want to introduce to you Irish 2 piece Indie guitar rockers, The Baines. For those of you discovering this hidden gem of a band for the first time, they are Kevin O’Neill and Cormac Sheerin hailing from Athlone, Co. Westmeath. O’Neill and Sheerin are ably assisted on a part time basis by co-producer and guitarist Alan O’Neill. Formed in 2021, the lads have been busy recording and releasing their own brand of rich, swirling indie anthems, even attracting the plaudits of Oasis guitarist and indie stalwart, Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs. Drawing influences from the likes of The Stone Roses, Oasis and the DMA’s, they are forging their own unique blend of Indie rock n roll


First up was the release of their beautifully emotive debut single ‘Like This Forever’….3 mins and 22 seconds of pure sonic bliss…hypnotic melodies, accomplished instrumentals, and a stunningly subdued vocal performance...it already has the vibes of being the type of song the band could close a live show with. If you are new to the band, then start with this song, I guarantee you that you’ll have it on repeat after your first listen.


Next up came the bands follow up single ‘Bring It Up’. A raucous, punchy, guitar driven anthem, tinged with shades of that glorious early 90’s indie rock sound and a beautifully uplifting vocal performance. It’s another absolutely belting track and one which caught the attention of the bands favourite football club, Everton FC, who subsequently played the tune during the half time interval in their recent game against Manchester City.


And so to this, ‘I’m Not Me Mine’, their latest offering. A laid back, multi-layered, spiralling banger of a tune, that harks back to the glory years of the original Britpop era. It’s a song that is so eloquently rendered and flawless in its delivery that it really wouldn’t be out of place alongside anything LG has done…Oasis, Beady Eye or solo.


Considering that these fellas really are only just getting started, to have made and released three songs of such quality as these….and to already sound like they have been playing together for years, is a huge reflection of the talent they possess.


Watch this space readers…The Baines are a band that are definitely going to explode some time very soon!

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‘I’m Not Me Mine’ is out now….be sure to check it out on Spotify.